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Established in the year 1973, Perfect Group of Companies have transformed into a Multi-Product manufacturing global organization. Our core competence is the manufacturing of Pumps, Systems, Motors and Precision Components. Ever since inception the stress on Quality, Research, Development & Sustainability based on the global trends and keeping in mind the changing customer and application needs, the group has recorded constant growth. Our expertise in the field of Fluid Dynamics, Materials, Process and Control enable us to develop new innovative and robust products. Our customers also benefit from passionate engineering excellence provided by our team of world-class technical experts.

We firmly believe that our customers are an asset that constantly drives us to achieve stratospheric heights. All our strategic priorities are oriented toward our customers with a focus on value creation and mutual growth.


Our commitment is to achieve Customer Satisfaction by supplying quality products on time, with the involvement of employees and by continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Inspection is carried out as a “Three Stage Process” to ensure the end result of High-Quality Products - always. Vendor Analysis, Vendor Approval and Vendor Rating are carried out for assuring quality. Periodical calibration of all instruments and gauges. Cpk studies for process capabilities and  Six Sigma Integration

Receiving Inspection 

100 % and sampling inspection item wise carried out as per quality plan.

In-Process Inspection 
100% Hydraulic testing carried out for shut-off head.
100% Testing carried out in coil winding.

Final Inspection 
100% Testing in final stage.


The machine shop is spread over 16500 Sq. Ft with CNC machines, Tending Robots, CMM (Co-Ordinate Measuring Machines), Conventional machines, Special Purpose Machine’s and various measuring equipment’s.
With a quality department structured to systematically maintain documents for receiving, In-line & final inspection and an integrated ERP to trace export components, lab reports, test sample you can be rest assured that you’re in the most competitive and innovative hands in the industry.
Behind our state-of-the-art facilities lies a team of expert technicians and programmers dedicated toward conveying the best possible results with significant investments in training and lean initiatives to improve already high quality standards for complex precision machining supporting diverse end market

  • Fully-automatic Coil Winding machines Shed Winders

  • CNC Machine Centre

  • Robot Tending for CNC Machines

  • CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)

  • Deep Drawing Press, Power Press

  • Capacitor Discharge Projection Welding Machine

  • Surge comparator for testing winding defects

  • Trickle Impregnation Machines

  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation plant

  • Semi-automatic assembly lane

  • Eddy Current Dynamo for motor testing

  • Laser Marking Machine

  • Dynamic balancing machines for rotor with shaft and periodically calibrated electrical & mechanical instruments

  • Various custom made special purpose machines

  • Sophisticated product testing center are available to ensure quality

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